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Description of JREI Shop

Name of Publication Price per Copy
(inclusive of consumption tax)
Real Estate Research
(quarterly journal)
¥820 To be published in January, April, July, and October
Urban Land Price Index and National Wooden House Market Value Index
(as of the end of March and September every year)
¥510 To be published in late May and November Only the latest statistics reports are for sale because they include all the data from the beginning of each survey.
National Office and Apartment Rent Index
(as of the end of September every year)
¥410 To be published in late November
Survey on Farmland Value and Rent
(as of the end of March every year)
¥510 To be published in mid October
Survey on Timberland Value
(as of the end of March every year)

Shipping and Handling Fees
Domestic: ¥ 300 per order
Overseas: ¥ 1,000 per order
(except those publications with special shipping and handling fees)

Payment Method

You need to use your credit card.
We accept the following credit cards.


・ The name on the credit card must be that of the person or company who is ordering.
・ We will ship the merchandise within one to seven business days after credit card approval.
・ We cannot issue bills and receipts.

Delivery Method

・Delivery is expedited by either Yamato Transport or Japan Post. You cannot request a specific courier company.

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